A very great Spanish school (teaching English as well). I liked the classes very much, the teachers were very professional but fun same time. The school management/staff are very flexible and friendly. The school is located at a very nice street and the building is lovely! Totally recommended!

Sandra Bajorinaite

Grandissima Accademia per imparare lo spagnolo e l’inglese. Materiale didattico discreto e con professori simpatici e preparati. Ho passato lì circa due mesi molto piacevoli e spero di ritornare per continuare con loro.

Salvadore Festinese

Such an amazing and friendly school. I’ve been taught by both Marta and Ana and they are truly wonderful teachers. They bring subjects and lessons to life and make the time fly by with learning and laughter. They also are incredible at encouraging everyone to gather confidence in speaking which was a huge problem of mine – thankfully it is long in the past!

Bryony Burrows

Understand Valencia is a fantastic school. I spent 2 1/2 months studying Spanish with Ana and it was working. I acquired a whole new dictionary of Spanish words and was just starting to understand grammar a bit more before I left. I came in with next to no experience with the Spanish language and felt that after 2 1/2 months I could hold a basic conversation, ask for directions, order in restaurants. I know that with more time my Spanish would only improve. I found my class to be helpful and really fun. And I feel like I’ll always have a home at Understand Valencia. I can’t recommend them enough.

Amanda Corr

I’d definitely recommend Understand Valencia. In just 1 month, I’m speeding through A1 without knowing a lick of Spanish beforehand. Estela is a wonderful teacher who is very empathetic and suitable for all types of learners. The classes are very immersed and reasonably priced for what you get. I’d definitely recommend them and hope to continue with them throughout my Spanish fluency journey!

Patricia R.

Una escuela muy buena donde aprender es muy fácil, porque hay profesores profesionales y capaces. Yo tuve clases con Adriana, una chica adorable. Os la recomiendo.

Cristian Battista

Como profesora que soy desde hace 18 años y alumna de clase de Marta. Ella es el mejor profesora que he conocido. Transmite alegría, trabaja mucho para nosotros buscando actividades que sean divertidos, y es muy buena persona que siempre nos da confianza para intentar. Un abrazo y gracias por todo. Nos vemos en septiembre.


I studied Spanish with this company for two years. They are completely dedicated to their students and will move mountains to ensure they have classes you can attend and make the best progress possible. Within two years I achieved A* in my iGCSE Spanish, and probably could have had a stab at the A-level!

Vicky Grant

Understand Valencia is a fantastic language school! I’ve learned so much over the past year. Great friendly atmosphere!

Lisa Birch

Very good small classes and fun teachers in a nice bright building!

Rachel Mitten Edwards